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It is the intention of ImmuNova Limited to bring "Dynamic Mineral Maintenance" to a wider public and to that end this web site has been devised and written to explain our methodology; products and back-up evidence as to how those products may work and affect general health.

This web site contains true testimonials from seriously ill persons who have benefited greatly from taking our minerals and also includes a very well known therapist who uses and recommends ImmuNova's product range - Gudrun Johnnson (author of the best selling health book "Gut Reaction.")

You can read in-depth scientific reports about why you should consider taking a mineral supplement, whether you are immune compromised or not, and see for yourself why some of the world's leading scientists are agreeing that zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper are essential for optimising your general health.

Check the FAQ page for any questions you have about the products; safety issues, cost effectiveness, comparisons etc.

Last, we have included a telephone order number where you can purchase any of the products listed with a valid credit or debit card securely. You can also order direct from the site on our secure web order page.

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Agreeing with the great Dr. Pauling's assertion reproduced above, Immunova Limited UK has developed four groundbreaking liquid mineral products for treating both immune-deficient conditions as diverse as: HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Chronic fatigue Syndrome (ME) and also for general use to boost the average human immune system.

· RemiDay ® (zinc)
· RemiNite ® (magnesium)
· RemiFer ® (iron)
· RemiStat ® (copper) for both internal and topical usage
· RemiSel ® (selenium anti-oxidant)
· Energex ® (zinc & magnesium)

All of the products feature the unique elctrolytically charged binder, developed by Remedy Research (Bermuda) Limited, which allows the ingestion of minerals much faster and more efficiently at the cellular level than any comparable delivery systems.


You do NOT have to be a patient suffering from the serious conditions outlined above to benefit from taking the ImmuNova minerals. Many experts (Patrick Holford and Dr John Kaiser to name but two) in the medical/nutritional fields now accept that although many individuals are vitamin sufficient, they are still mineral deficient, especially in Selenium, Magnesium and Zinc.

At public demonstrations in the UK and USA as many as 90% of a participating audience have been found to be either: Zinc, Magnesium or Selenium deficient, sometimes deficient in all three! (See Patrick Holford's web site for more details).

It is worthwhile to take a mineral deficiency test in most cases and the results are often surprising. Convenience foods, stress, alcohol and smoking deplete the human body of essential trace elements faster than they can be replaced by natural intake and so a really effective supplementary mineral regime is essential to maintain optimum health.

ImmuNova products are NOT just another ordinary mineral line and they are NOT available in health stores. It is the unique binder technology, exclusive to these products that enable them to be delivered faster and more efficiently than anything comparable. You will find taking them results in very noticeable quality of life improvements in a short period of time. Dynamic Mineral Maintenance from Immunova will help you achieve optimum health, immune defence, energy and restful sleep…


All ImmuNova products are GRAS (generally recognised as safe) under FDA and equivalent EEC laws. The amounts of mineral in the liquid are actually very small but are delivered in such a dynamic way by the unique charged binder as to eliminate any waste - which normally occurs with tablets or capsules - therefore delivering the minerals more potently, right to where they are needed.

20 drops per day of ImmuNova RemiDay (zinc) would be sufficient for preventative measures in a healthy adult. (Children usually require a half adult dose). NO adverse side effects have been reported from individuals using any of ImmuNova's products.

ImmuNova products are safe, easily absorbed and rapidly taken up by the body's cellular systems. Children and adults will both benefit from taking them in a preventative way. You don't have to be ill to take the ImmuNova minerals and you will certainly lessen your chances of getting a compromised immune system if you do take a comprehensive mineral supplement (like Immunova's range) anyway.


ImmuNova Products -

· Uniquely deliver less of the mineral but in a more efficient way
· Assist proper immune function and restful sleep
· Are completely safe and affordable

ImmuNova will be enhancing its current product range over the coming year with other essential minerals and trace elements designed to optimise your health.

Check the news page for updates to our research program (here).

NOTE: This site is NOT dispensing medical advice. If you have a serious illness of any kind please consult your physician first before attempting self-treatment. ImmuNova Limited cannot take responsibility for any person ignoring this disclaimer.

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